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Private Lessons with Ben

30 min. 45 min. 60 min.
1/week, billed monthly
Piano (ages 3+),   Voice (ages 5+),   Guitar (ages 5+),   Voice/Piano Combo (ages 3+)


Note: Offers In-Person & Virtual Lessons 

Ben McCoy is regularly gigging multi intrumentalist, producer, and songwriter, as well as a music educator with a decade of experience. He is a graduate from Catawba College's Music Department, with two degrees in Popular Music Studies and Music Business. When he's not teaching, he's playing in the local alternative scene with his band, Benz.Birdz, making music to score commericals and YouTube channels, or showing off his dog. Ben's passion to help each of his students achieve their musical goals carries into each lesson he teaches. With Ben as your instructor, you will be challeneged in all musical aspects with an added level of fun. 

$36.00/lesson, Month to month

Monday at Charlotte

$36.00/lesson, Month to month

Tuesday at Charlotte

$36.00/lesson, Month to month

Wednesday at Charlotte

$36.00/lesson, Month to month

Thursday at Charlotte

$36.00/lesson, Month to month

Saturday at Charlotte